- Hand engraved series for 10pcs

- Simple engraving for 24/30pcs

- Super manicure kit(wet wipes,non damaging jelly glue/liquid glue,nail nippers,nail files,nail buffers,cuticle pusher,cuticle trimmer)

- Random surprise gift♥



STEP 1: Clean your hand and cut your nails short.


STEP 2: Gently buff your nail surface with the nail file(included)provided to remove grease.


STEP 3: Put on a layer of glue(included) or choose the suitable size jelly glue(included) stick on the nails,be sure to cover the whole surface.


STEP 4: Place the "Nail-On"  slightly under your cuticle for a seamless, natural look. Press down firmly for 30+ seconds using your thumb. Ensure the entire nail is covered and receiving pressure.


STEP 5: Press out air pockets (if any) before moving on. If needed, use more glue and pressure to avoid air pockets.


STEP 6: If desired, touch up and reshape your  Manicure using the file included or a nail clipper. Tip: "Nail-On"  can be filed from any side, including the cuticle area, if you want to shorten the length of the nails without losing the tip design.


STEP 7: For best practice, apply Rapid Repair Nail & Cuticle Oil to keep skin hydrated and repair dry, damaged areas up to 50% overnight (the secret to flawless nails).



To avoid damage never force or pull off. We highly recommend using Non-Toxic, Odorless Polish & Pop-On Nail Remover to gently, but effectively dissolve the glue on command, allowing you to safely remove the nails without damage whenever you'd like.


Otherwise, you can gently push under the Static Nail to lift the sides when they are ready to be removed. If and when ready, the entire nail will “POP" off immediately when light pressure is applied.


To reapply, simply follow the steps above and done!