Introducing NAIL-ON: Redefining Nail Care for the Modern Girl

NAIL-ON, the tale of this nail brand, commenced in 2021, and it was born out of the passion and dedication of three visionary founders: Delena, Poppy, and Lucy, united by a shared mission to redefine the beauty of the nail industry.

Delena, a devoted aficionado of nail products, embarked on her journey while still in college. Her love for nail art and products led to her exploration of various nail treatments. However, she was often left perplexed by the short lifespan of nail enhancements and the intricate procedures involved. She envisioned a world where women could effortlessly attain salon-quality nails without investing an abundance of time and money.

Poppy, a seasoned designer in the art industry, and a fervent advocate of art and culture, opened several art and cultural exhibitions across Europe. Alongside her artistic pursuits, she directed her creative energies into the realm of nail art. Poppy recognized the significance of nails as an art form, capable of expressing individuality and style.

Lucy, a young and innovative designer, also contributed her creative flair to the brand's foundation. She aspired to create nail products that not only enhanced beauty but also promoted eco-friendliness and health. To her, nails were not just an embellishment but a form of self-expression.

The collective vision of these three founders was clear: to redefine the nail industry through innovation. Their vision was to provide salon-quality nails using natural materials, free from harmful chemicals. To achieve this, they assembled a team of nearly a hundred industry-leading nail designers who actively participated in product design and creation.

The hallmark of NAIL-ON's products lies in their uniqueness. Each nail product encapsulates the wisdom and dedication of numerous designers. The results are so astonishingly realistic that you'll believe you've just walked out of a high-end nail salon. What's more, this level of nail perfection is now attainable at the cost of a simple beverage.

Our mission is to make nail art simple and beautiful, allowing every girl to effortlessly possess salon-quality nails. NAIL-ON will continue to bring you innovation, health, and beauty because we firmly believe that every woman deserves the best. Let's relish the wonder at our fingertips, for NAIL-ON's nail art embodies the beauty of simplicity.

At NAIL-ON, it's not just about nails – it's about the bond we create with our customers. We understand the transformative power of a stunning set of nails and the confidence boost that comes with it. Our brand is built on the belief that every girl deserves to feel her best, and we are committed to providing the tools to make that happen.

But NAIL-ON is more than just a brand; it's a community. We celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our customers, fostering an inclusive environment where self-expression is encouraged. We believe that beauty is subjective and personal, and our aim is to be the catalyst that helps you embrace your individuality.

When you choose NAIL-ON, you're not just choosing a product or service – you're embracing a lifestyle that celebrates self-care, self-expression, and community. You're supporting a brand that cares about your well-being and the environment. Together, let's redefine nail care and create a world where every girl can feel beautiful, confident, and empowered – one nail at a time.

Join the NAIL-ON family, and let's embark on this beautiful journey together.

NAIL-ON: Empowering girls to seize the power of their nails and unleash their inner beauty.


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